New Year’s Sequence #1: Cold, stiff, and halfway dead

Well, we’re 5 days in to 2015 and so far I am doing well with the 21 Day Yoga Challenge. When I stepped on the mat January 1st I had not done any yoga in little while and had also been spending a lot of time out in the cold working on wiring up at our new house and skiing with the dogs so I was feeling exceptionally tight and immobile. Cold temperatures not only encourage us to move around less, they also lead to stiffness in our connective tissue. Since the forecast this week looks to include some exceptionally cold weather I thought I would share my favorite sequence for times when I feel extra stiff. Enjoy!

 1. Standing series:

            a.) 5 Pointed Star (standing wide legged with arms outstretched)

            b.) Virahabdrasana II (Warrior 2) to the right to

            c.) Trikonasana (Tirangle pose) to the right

            repeat b. and c. on left side

            d.) Parsvakonasana (Side Angle pose) to the right

            e.) Trikonasana (Tirangle pose) to the right

            repeat d. and e. on left side

 f.) Prasarita Padotanasana (wide legged standing forward bend) walk hands to a downward facing dog position with legs wide


2. Standing quad stretch

3. Toes up the wall (with heel of foot on floor, ball of foot moving toward floor or on the floor)

4. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (pigeon pose)

5. Supta Padangusthasana (supine leg stretch with strap) series:

            a.) Supta Padangusthasana (leg straight up in air)

            b.) Parsva Supta Padangusthasana (leg open to same side)

            c.) Parivritta Supta Padangusthasana (twist and move leg toward opposite side)

            repeat on second side

6. Savasana