... I just finished the first series of Margaret’s yoga classes. Prior to that class I was seeing a Physical Therapist weekly for Sciatica Back Pain. After the first two classes the Sciatica pain was gone and only a dull ache remained. After the final two classes that pain is gone as well. My PT credits the yoga classes with these wonderful results.
— R
Thank you so much for your wisdom and abilities with our group this past week. I shudder to think how the week might have gone without you. You are an amazing teacher.
— Matthew Monk, Dean Vermont College of Fine Art, Montpelier, VT
Your challenges of stretching and movement and philosophies and the way you run your classes made me a happy athlete and I left feeling like I’d not only done great stuff for my head and body but that I was pushed more than just a “relaxing” yoga class. Although it was that, too... I’m really happy to have you as part of the running program this year and I am confident you will score big with the runners.
— Lynne Jennings, Three time Olympian and Director of Running at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center
In October of 2008 I slipped a disk from lifting a heavy object. After spending a day and a very long night lying on my back on the floor in excruciating pain I decided to get proactive. Margaret…started me on some very mild strengthening poses, and we built from there. She taught me the importance of the alignment principals…..as long as I keep in mind and practice what Margaret has taught me I remain back-pain free.
— Roberta, Registered Nurse
Wanted to thank you for last week’s class! It encouraged me to concentrate more on my body mechanics during work, which felt great. While I enjoy other yoga classes for what they offer, I really love the intensity and concentration in yours. I appreciate the focus on body positioning and feel like while I am in other classes, I am applying things you have taught to my practice. I recommend you to my clients and I wish I could get to more of your classes. Thanks so much!
— Eleanor, Massage Therapist
Great workshop and Monday night! Always amazes me how exhausted from work I can
be when I start, and how revived and “with it” I feel 2 hours later. Thanks!
— Dylan, carpenter
Margaret is a rare and wonderful gem among teachers.
— Dominique, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist
Thanks again for making time for me yesterday. My mobility and comfort were markedly improved this morning. I’m looking forward to my new and improved self as my healing and flexibility continue. I appreciate your knowledge and instruction.
— Jen
(Margaret) works with you in the class one on one if you need help she doesn’t leave you hanging or wondering if you are doing a move right…. for me its very spiritual and relaxing, I recommend coming to Margaret Pitkin’s class….. I feel better inside both mentally and physically.
— Todd, Plumber
Fitness is very important to me and yoga is an important ingredient  with running and skiing. Having said that - though i have practiced for many years - i am erratic at best - either practicing every day or not at all, and I will never be a willowy limber yogi. I may never touch the ground without very bent knees.  Margaret helps me modify the class to my abilities and makes it fun, challenging, and satisfying, both physically and emotionally.
— Anonymous
I practiced yoga this morning by myself and thought about our classes. My heart overflows with gratitude for the gift of yoga that you have so beautifully interpreted and transmitted to us, your students.
— Cynthia, Professor, Johnson State College
Hi Margaret, i wanted to share with you how i feel today - GREAT! When i came to your class last night I was on track to be tired and stiff and falling asleep at 8pm, which is how I have been every week after my long runs. Yesterday I ran eighteen miles... and I think it (yoga) made a big difference for me. Thanks.
— Rebecca, Registered Nurse
The (teacher) training with Margaret and Kali provided a safe, supportive container and time to step away from my daily life to heal, transform, learn and grow. Because the training spanned over a few seasons it allowed for time between our gatherings to integrate and assimilate fully all that was shifting inside of me and the information I was receiving, in a non-pressured environment. It was a perfect balance of masculine/feminine, yin/yang approaches. The program they have created together has exceptional magic and synergy because of their unique backgrounds and approaches. The waves, openings, portals of emotional, physical, spiritual expansion that I experienced, awakened my being and the foundation they created grounded me and the cosmic energy/awareness I was experiencing! I now feel embodied and empowered to teach yoga in a professional way that is both intuitive and authentic to me. I feel honored, clear, and confident in my individual path and a resolution of duality and previous confusion inside of me. I feel an overall sense of completion, distilling of what is truly important to me and what I want to pass on and share with others through the ancient lens and practice of yoga. I am eternally grateful for the teachings given to me refining my life due to the patience and balance I have learned from these wise womyn teachers!
— Marika Isom