Margaret Pitkin BA, DPT 

I am a lifelong athletics-lover, tree hugger, skeptic, and inquisitive thinker born and raised in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. I hold a bachelor's degree in Geology from Smith College in Northampton, MA and a doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Vermont. I am licensed as a physical therapist in the state of Vermont and am currently employed as a staff PT at Lamoille Home Health and Hospice. I also offer private, out of network physical therapy on Mondays at Green Mountain CrossFit in Morrisville VT. In addition to being a PT I have been a student of yoga for more than 16 years, for the past 14 years I have taught yoga to a wide variety of students throughout Vermont and New England and am registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 teacher. As my own experience as a movement professional has grown I have become less and less interested in dogmatic approaches to movement and the human body and more interested in authentic exploration and the possibility of learning something more. 

Note: The photo at the top of the page is me in a pose called upavista konasana. For many this pose requires excessive hamstring flexibility (as is the case with many yoga poses). Excess length in a muscle leads to weakness, joint destabilization, dysfunctional movement, and potentially to injury and pain. I am able to perform this pose in this way mostly because I have very long arms (that's why I can rest my elbows on the floor). Pro tip: be yourself, everyone else is taken. (Tip credit: Douglas Brooks).