Start the New Year with MORE YOGA: Take the 21 Day Yoga Challenge

I recently taught a class all about circles and cycles, and it got me thinking about the way in which, any time a cycle begins again, it offers us an opportunity to 'do over' what we have already done before. Every birthday, every solstice, every anniversary, every morning, every breath and (the American classic) every New Year. For me it is important to single out these 'do over' moments and ask the question 'how could I potentially improve on what I did last time around?' I find that asking this question, whether I do it before I go to teach a class, before speaking again after taking a deep breath in the middle of a heated discussion, or at the start of a new trip around the sun, always carries rewards. Sometimes the reward is actually being able to make an improvement, like actually being able to keep my mouth shut when I should, or actually cutting back the amount of sugar I eat on a daily basis, or actually going skiing more often, but just as frequently the reward is what happens in the process of trying to improve and failing. I believe that trying and failing, that cultivating the courage to try and fail and try and fail again, is at the heart of any true and honest 'spiritual practice'. What do I mean when I say 'spiritual practice'? I mean anything we do that is an expression of our care for, and our curiosity about the 'big picture' of our lives, our world, and the people in it. 

So, since this New Year (just like last New Year) I am thinking I could improve how I feel and thus improve my current attitude toward life by doing a little more yoga (actually, a LOT more yoga), I am planning to take the 21 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE. The challenge is simple, do at least 30 minutes of yoga every day for 21 days in a row starting January 1st, 2015. Throughout the month I will share sequences that I have been doing at home here (on my blog), as well as other online and video resources to support you in the challenge, and of course you can always come to any of my classes! Good luck!