Free Chair Yoga Videos!

Look, I made movies! 

Chair Yoga Video #1 is approximately 12 minutes long and includes some chair yoga sun salutations and other "warm up" type poses that involve active movement and movement with the breath. This sequence is a little more on the energizing side and aims to facilitate: connection with the breath, range of motion of the shoulders and wrists, strengthening of the legs and core, building skill with balance, increasing heart rate and body temperature to prepare muscles and joints for the static stretching included in my second chair yoga video. 

Chair Yoga Video #2 is approximately 21 minutes and includes a sequence of static stretches for the legs, hips and back (this portion is around 12 minutes long) followed by a guided relaxation  (this savasana portion of the video is around 9 minutes long). This sequence is more on the grounding/ relaxing side and aims to facilitate: flexibility of the hips, legs and back, connection to the breath, general relaxation and de-stressing.