Home Practice Sequence #4

This is the “if I bend over all of the mucus in my head is going to run out my nose” practice I did this morning. The whole sequence is done standing more or less upright and is great for opening and strengthening the legs and hips, I also found it very grounding. Enjoy!

 1. Tadasana to Urdvha Hastasana (arms over head)

 2. Side stretch to the right holding left wrist, do both sides

 3. Padangusthasana variation – from Tadasana bend right knee in toward chest and hold, then release knee and step right leg back (without bending forward) to

 4. Virahabdrasana I (Warrior I pose) to

 5. Virahabdrasana II (Warrior II) to

 6. Trikonasana (triangle pose) to

 7. Ardha Chandrasana (Half moon pose) to

 8. Virahabdrasana II (Warrior II) back to Tadasana

Repeat 3-8 on second side

 9. Standing Quad Stretch (right leg), without bending forward step right leg back to

 10. Anjaneyasana (lunge with back knee down) quad stretch variation (holding right foot or ankle) to

 11. Urdvha Prasarita Eka Padasana (standing split, right leg in air), from here swing the right leg forward and cross the right ankle over the left knee for

12. Eka Pada Galavasana prep, holding right foot in left hand and right knee in right hand come to standing for

13. Standing Baby Cradle (modified) back to Tadasana

Repeat 9-13 on second side

14. Padangusthasana (Standing leg stretch) holding right foot in right hand or with a strap, stretch it straight forward, left hand can be on left hip, transition to

 15. Parsva Padangusthasana  (Standing leg stretch to side) bend right knee, open knee to the right and then stretch leg straight again, left arm can extend for balance

 Repeat 14-15 on second side 

16. Baddha konasana (Cobbler’s pose or Butterfly pose)

17. Savasana or seated meditation (if you have time, sit with eyes closed for a few minutes to close your practice)