Physical Therapy

I offer a limited number of outpatient Physical Therapy appointments on Mondays at Green Mountain CrossFit in Morrisville VT. Email me at or call 802-673-6815 with questions or to schedule an appointment.


Free Injury Screenings

Wondering if you need a tune up? Get a free 10 minute injury screen to determine weather or not you would benefit from a more formal PT session, or if you just need a day off!


Out of NETWORK Physical Therapy Treatment

Injured? These 1 hour sessions include diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Sessions include testing to determine the involved tissues and contributing movement patterns and development of a treatment plan including manual therapy, mobility work, and personalized therapeutic exercise. I am an out of network provider and payment is out of pocket. Contact me for rates.

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Movement Screening and Injury Prevention

Not injured and wanting to stay that way? These 1 hour sessions will include analysis of your posture and movement patterns to determine weak areas and development of a personalized strength and stretching program to help keep you injury free.